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Transforming Udacity’s website for enterprise growth and scalability.

 I During my tenure at Udacity, I played a pivotal role in guiding the company's transition from a B2C to a B2B focus, shaping our design strategy to better cater to evolving target personas and elevate user experience across growth, signup, and checkout channels. I provided crucial support to growth marketing initiatives, ensuring alignment between design solutions and A/B testing efforts. Leveraging usability testing and data analysis, I identified key business opportunities and contributed the development of strategic roadmaps.  

I also contributed to the creation of Udacity's first-ever website design system, laying the foundation for cohesive and scalable design practices across the organization.

Senior Designer 
Visual Design • Growth Design • UX/UI
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Web design system

I took the lead in creating the company's first web design system, an effort aimed at standardizing design elements and improving collaboration across teams. This comprehensive framework not only ensured consistency throughout the website but provided inspiration for the product design system as well. Despite my departure before witnessing its full implementation, I'm proud to have contributed to the foundation of Udacity's digital presence.

Website Rebrand

As part of the redesign effort at Udacity, I played a crucial role in creating numerous website pages that were integral to enhancing user experience and aligning with the company's evolving strategic goals. Leveraging my expertise in design and user interface principles, I meticulously crafted each page to optimize usability. From the course overview page to consumer landing pages, my contributions were aimed at not only improving conversion rates but also ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing online presence.

Growth design

My contributions as a UI designer were instrumental in driving growth initiatives, particularly through A/B testing strategies aimed at optimizing user engagement and conversion rates. Notably, my redesign work on the course overview page resulted in an impressive 16.4% increase in conversion rates on course pages, with a notable boost of 23.9% for new visitors.

Creative direction

Before my tenure at Udacity concluded I served as Creative Director at the behest of the CEO within Udacity's marketing team, leading the creation of integrated campaigns and brand initiatives. In this capacity, I provided strategic direction and leadership in the visual aspects of our creative projects. I also mentored several designers, conducted team meetings and had 1-on-1s to support the team.

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