Website Redesign

A website redesign for an enterprise SaaS business that increased qualified sales leads by 100%.

Sailthru, a division of Campaign Monitor, is a leading enterprise marketing platform that helps brands and publications provide personalized content experiences. They enlisted Frank Collective to reimagine its website and digital brand. I joined as Lead UX Designer and Strategist on the project. The result was a website that doubled qualified leads, increased dwell time, and improved brand perception. Beyond business metrics, the site won two CSSDA awards for best UX design, best UI design and won an AWWWARDS Site of the Day honorable mention.

Lead UX Strategist & Designer 
UX • UI • Research
Agency: Frank Collective



Sailthru’s website lacked a clear point of view.  The brand felt fragmented and lacked clear values. There was a huge opportunity to better understand the business, it’s target customers and core values. We wanted to help the brand recalibrate and communicate authentically with its audience This would require research and discovery, testing, a UX process, brand strategy and design.

A new website that better reflected Sailthru’s audience interests and brand values. The new website emphasized the more human aspects of the business including high touch customer service and events. The product information was reframed in ways that mattered to target personas and made more bite-size and digestible. We merchandised the site with social proof and case studies. Beyond improving general brand sentiment, there was an improvement in key metrics. Site traffic, time spent on site, bounce rate and qualified sales leads were all substantially improved.


To start the project we conducted an in-person workshop with core Sailthru stakeholders. This was an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the product and the company culture, align on problem areas and share our unique point-of-view around user experience and brand strategy. We solicited website pain points to make sure we fully understood how the business saw its challenges.

Discovery: Research & Interviews 

We conducted user interviews with 15+ customers and internal stakeholders across sales, solutions, product, and marketing. From these interviews, we distilled key insights that helped us understand the goals  of our users and form brand pillars meant to embody the core values of Sailthru and provide a framework for all future marketing and design efforts. Here’s a quick summary of the tenants we developed:

  • High Touch Customer Experience: A partner not just a platform. 
  • Effective: A powerful platform with the right features and roadmap for the future. 
  • Simple to Use:  A platform that makes it easier to do more with less.
  • Results-focused: Meet user appetite for proof of credibiility.

Insights: User Testing

Leveraging data from heatmaps, clickmaps, journey maps and screen recordings we created design recommendations grounded in data that melded naturally with our brand strategy.

Personas & User Journeys

Personas brought insights to life by connecting our learnings to target users and their respective user journeys.

IA & Content Design

The information architecture of the new site was based on our brand pillars and validated with our personas and user journeys. The site maps highlighted important content by section, key CTAs and onsite links as well as opportunities for personalization and testing. This milestone in the project alligned stakeholders and streamlined the wireframing and content creation process.
Exisiting Site Map Overview
New Site Map Overview
Home Page Outline Ipsum...
Product Section Outline
Customer Section Outline
Community Section Outline
Resources Section Outline
Company Section Outline

Wireframes & Content Planning

The detailed site maps made wireframing and content design a relatively seamless process. With stakeholders alligned, I translated our plan into wireframes rich with UI elements that would bring content to life. And merchandising the site with a variety CTAs made sure users never lost their way and the brand never lost it’s presence.

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